Friday, May 13, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #231

Movie: The Tenant (1976)

Plot: An office going bachelor rents an economically affordable apartment in Paris. He learns that the apartment's previous tenant had committed suicide and with the strict and rude ways of his neighbours, he gets obsessed with the suicide and thinks the neighbours had driven the earlier inmate to suicide.

  • Roman Polanski's method of handling such peculiar loner subjects are thoroughly absorbing and here again with eerie visuals and in-house filming he rules.
  • His acting skills come to the party as he plays the protagonist's role in an amazingly casual way. The gorgeous Isabelle Adiani gives him good company.
  • The camerawork is excellent and so are the film's dialogues - the example being the one on how the head differentiates itself from the rest of the body.
Some amount of confusion caused is deliberate and have no answers too.

Good one but Not exactly in the league of its prequels - Repulsion & Rosemary's Baby!

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