Monday, May 30, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #243

Movie: Catch Me If You Can (2002)

Plot: Financial misfortunes and parents' divorce make a confused teenager carve himself a path of felony,fraudulence and impersonation. When his cheque forgeries cross limits, the FBI is after him. He gives his FBI agent a tough time outwitting him on every occassion but finally the agent gets the better of him and gives him an opportunity to earn some solace for his misdeeds

  • Leonardo DiCaprio plays the major role - and as a forger and a flirt master, the guy is at his best providing moments to enjoy.
  • As the dutiful FBI agent who gets pissed off with his culprit's ways Tom Hanks plays a super foil and shows his class time and again.
  • Spielberg, as usual, is out with a different plot and succeeds (not spectacularly though) in giving a comical chase story aided well by John Williams' jazz chase sound tracks.
Some scenes are serious but the depiction of the police is very comical and that's inconsistent.

A Different & Enjoyable ride! But, I expected more from a film that boasts of Spielberg,Hanks,DiCaprio.

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