Sunday, May 22, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #237

Movie: An American Crime (2007)

Plot: The parents make a two month caretaking arrangement for their two daughters and unfortunately the caretaking family devoid of any male support is stressed to the core that everybody in it becomes a psycho and they inflict their cruelty on one of the visiting girls by locking her in the basement and their degrees of cruelty only increase as days pass by. This one is based on a cold true story!

  • The fact that the film is based on a true event makes one feel disturbed on watching it. The way things are shown isn't crude but the seriousness of whatever had happened hasn't been missed in the filming.
  • Ellen Page , with her unfortunate sorry-faced performance , earns the sympathy of the viewer.
  • The psycho family's characters have all been aptly cast; I felt angry looking at them - Not sure if it was because of what they do to the girl or of just having a look at their faces!
A cold disturbing true tale; Shows how cruel humans can get!

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