Sunday, November 13, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #305

Movie: Rockstar (Hindi,2011)

Plot: A talented guitarist lacks the aura that could catapult him to fame as a rockstar. Feeling that a tragedy in life could get him there, he seeks one  as a 'means' by proposing to a beautiful stranger. What happens is not what he expects & suddenly roles revers and music becomes the 'means' to the romantic 'end' he's after.

  • This can be tagged a 'musical' for the sheer role songs play in moving the plot from place to place. A.R.Rahman gives all that the film requires with some highly riveting songs!
  • Ranbir Kapoor's performance as Janardhan a.k.a Jordan is a revelation. His amazing screen presence combined with power-packed expressions makes him shine brightly.
  • Imtiaz Ali, though not completely successful, weaves magic here and there. The scenes around Kun Faya Kun, Is Lamhe, Dichotomy of Fame songs were magical.
  • Superb Camerawork brings the venomous beauty of Kashmir, Prague & Rome to view.
  • Supporting roles are few (such is the power of Ranbir's role) and those of Shammi Kapoor, the master-cum-manager & Nargis (who looks pretty but doesn't act that well) deserve a mention.
  • The love (though the pairing is nice) doesn't create as much impact as the 2nd half would have wanted it to.
  • The swings in mood of the hero are confusing at times. So is the reason for some of his public outcries when all the mishap he's gone through are personal. That makes the rocking Sadda Haq's placing irrelevant too.
  • The craze of crowds' in cities project as though he is a rebel for a nation's cause which he definitely is not considering what happens on screen.
The 2Rs (Ranbir & Rahman) are the Two Eyes of this film which is good in parts.

Two Line Reviews - #304

Movie: The Adventures of Tintin (2011)

Plot: There are three ships and in them, there are three chits a combination of which would give the clue for an ancestral treasure. Tintin & captain Haddock are on the trail & so is the villain who happens to be the descendant of the villain to the Haddock lineage. Who'l get hands on the tickets to the treasure!

  • Steven Spielberg and his innovation seems to know no bounds. This master entertainer pulls his trick once again fitting a legendary cartoon character in his experimental human-like animation feature.
  • The 'Spielberg-Jackson' duo known for their individual brilliance in grandeur combine to give an enjoyable spectacle.
  • The heroics of the adorable Tintin-Snowy duo & the drunkard Haddock with Arabic setting, Bullet etc. take the viewer nostalgically to Dr.Indy's adventures.
  • The animation team, other contributors to SFX,3D & the creative stunts (climax stunt with swaying cameras in particular) deserve a healthy applause.
Nostalgic wholesome treat from Spielberg!

Two Line Reviews - #303

Movie: Singin' in the Rain (1950)

Plot: A successful on-screen pair at the pinnacle of their careers face a downfall (thanks to the awkward voice of the heroine) when speaking movies gain prominence. The hero, with his friend from the road-show days and a cute theatre artist, revamps and rescues his career and wins in his quest for love too.

  • This comedy-musical is the first film I ve seen of this kind and was thoroughly entertaining thanks to Gene Kelly & Co. for their packaging.
  • Gene Kelly & his friend Don O'Connor show some breathtaking dancing skills & that's a big plus for this musical.
  • The cute Debbie Reynolds joins the show late but does a neat job & the witty dialogues add to the pluses.
Dances its way to glory!

Two Line Reviews - #302

Movie: Le notti di Cabiria (or) Nights of Cabiria (Italian,1957)

Plot: The film captures the street life of a prostitute who roams around the streets of Rome and experiences different situations, none of them giving her what she seeks - Love.

This Fellini celebration of an independent witty woman is a pleasant film to watch, for the characters painted are all memorable.
Giulietta Masina, the La Strada lady, plays her role wonderfully well. In some scenes, it is easy to see that she has brought to screen exactly what the director would have wanted of her - spotless acting!
The scenes with the celebrated actor, the mysterious helper & the final anti-climax are simple yet powerful.

Some memorable nights are on show!

Two Line Reviews - #301

Movie: Revolver (2005)

Plot: A brilliant conman, after coming out of jail to play tricks on the man who sent him to jail, gets into the web of two ruthless money launderers. How he gets around them to get his target rid of his power is what follows.

  • As is often the case with Guy Ritchie films, the narrative style is a positive; With the main character speaking words of wisdom to himself, we get absorbed to the events happening around him.
  • Jason Statham, although not spectacular, does a fine job. The stammering sniper is the other one to watch out for in this film.
  • The concept of three people spending years alone and getting to know each other inside out with clues is quite bewildering yet acceptable.
  • The quotes and their significance in the film show the prowess of the screenplay writer.

The suspense element (if it was meant to be one) was too predictable.

Not Ritchie's best but an Engaging fare

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #300

It's time for the 300th One! And for a hand-picked film, I had not to go anywhere as I had always kept this one for the milestone number. A film I had missed watching for a long time. Finally Amélie gets into my Blog!

Movie: Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain (or) Amélie (French, 2001)

Plot: A girl whose childhood had been with imaginary friends thanks to the weird doting methods adopted by her parents suddenly gets a chance to liven up the life of an old man. Drawing immense satisfaction out of it, she keeps helping the nice people around her & in the process, falls in Love.

  • Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the writer/director deserves all the praise there is for creating the character Amélie in this out-of-the-ordinary film.
  • Audrey Tauotou, the girl who plays Amélie, weaves magic on-screen with her poisonous charm & smile. She creates an instant connect with the viewer.
  • The narration style (with references to facts, coincidences & wild imagination) is a winner.
  • The prominent supporting roles are all nice characterisations.
Amélie will bowl you over; Tasteful cinema at its best!

Two Line Reviews - #299

Movie: Raajneeti (Hindi,2010)

Plot: When the running of a state is up to two families for grabs, the coveting & the political games begin. Even a researcher in the family doesn't escape the conniving claws of power and politics.

  • Basing a film on the Epic Mahabharatham & coming up with a pretty decent attempt is no mean feat and that puts Prakash Jha to the 'pluses' list.
  • An ensemble of characters -Katrina, Rampal, Devgn, Manoj - have all done some appreciable work - but it is Ranbir, in the role of the wily Samar, who takes the cake!
  • The pains to make the film look 'massive' is evident with the sets, crowds & the camera captures that well.
  • Nana Patekar, in a listless role, and Naseeruddin Shah in a blink-and-you-miss role, have been ill-utilised; The climax lacks the punch.
  • Some complete rips-off off Godfather 1 gives a distaste
Massive Political Drama, well told.

Two Line Reviews - #298

Movie: Saath Khoon Maaf (Hindi,2011)

Plot: An enigmatic lady is unfortunate when it comes to choosing her 'man'. Beyond breaking point, she gets rid of the man, gets another man. 'Man' becomes 'men', 'men' die & will she ever choose the right one & get seventh time lucky?

  • This Vishal Bhardwaj offering, based on a novel is sound on suspense and thrills that one would expect from a film falling under such a genre
  • Priyanka Chopra, as Susanna Anna-Marie Johannes, lands on a plum role and uses it to the fullest extent and delivers! A nice gutsy essayal breaking off from the stereotypes
  • The photography with its dark shades suits the film's mood & is a plus
  • An audaciously fictitious story line & a devoted adoption from a book make the screenplay end up being not so lively
  • Neil, John & Irrfan end up playing roles of little note.
Priyanka's show all the way!