Sunday, November 13, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #304

Movie: The Adventures of Tintin (2011)

Plot: There are three ships and in them, there are three chits a combination of which would give the clue for an ancestral treasure. Tintin & captain Haddock are on the trail & so is the villain who happens to be the descendant of the villain to the Haddock lineage. Who'l get hands on the tickets to the treasure!

  • Steven Spielberg and his innovation seems to know no bounds. This master entertainer pulls his trick once again fitting a legendary cartoon character in his experimental human-like animation feature.
  • The 'Spielberg-Jackson' duo known for their individual brilliance in grandeur combine to give an enjoyable spectacle.
  • The heroics of the adorable Tintin-Snowy duo & the drunkard Haddock with Arabic setting, Bullet etc. take the viewer nostalgically to Dr.Indy's adventures.
  • The animation team, other contributors to SFX,3D & the creative stunts (climax stunt with swaying cameras in particular) deserve a healthy applause.
Nostalgic wholesome treat from Spielberg!