Friday, February 19, 2010

Sweet 16 songs of 2009

I drafted this piece in the fag end of december 09.But somehow forgot to publish it. 'Better late than never',isn't it?So,here we go....

16. Aathichudi(TN07-AL 4777)
This song was consistently hitting my ear drums throughout March, April. The totally unconventional approach of Vijay antony towards Gaana songs is something I admire. This one had loads of such eccentric music. He could have avoided the vomiting like chorus though!

15. Nenje Nenje(Ayan)
The guy Harris has had a quiet successful year. His ’Ayan’ is one of the biggest musical hits of the year. His ‘Aadhavan’ too has had good reviews. Yet, you would find only one song, and that too rated low in my list. My simple question is - Where is the novelty? I feel a curious sense of introspection whenever I listen to any of his new songs these days to find which old song it resembles. For instance, I was able to get 8 songs from the Aadhavan tune Vaarayo vaarayo.The number 8 is too much to label the song ‘inspired’.

14. Muthamma muthamma(Azhagar Malai)
This virtually unknown number is from a virtually unknown film ’Azhagarmalai’.What makes this feature in my list? Listen to it if you have grown up listening to and liking Raja’s genuine duet kuthu numbers in the past. This one is out of that book. When Madhu balakrishna sings ‘Periyaathu anakattu mada therakudhadi’,the tune gets me back to the good old days of Rajapoly. How we miss that now. As a note, I would warn you not to watch the video. It is just the audio that I am referring to.

13. Saaral yen(Eeram)
This bit song from Eeram is from the most promising newbie music director of this year – Thaman, better known to many as the drummer in the film Boys. This one, a poignant off shoot of the happier ‘Mazhaye Mazhaye’ number from the same film, is Yuvanesque in tune. And that is a compliment. The instruments blend very well with the tune and the ‘rainy evening’ picturisation accentuates this song as well.

12. Oru kal(SMS)
A mild hum, guitar, piano and a touching violin bit sets the premise and there is no looking back. The loop that runs throughout carries this ballad all by itself. The lyrics and rendition too are good.Both Yuvan's and Adnan sami's versions are good to listen to.

11. Blue Theme(Blue)
Everything in this piece is greek and latin for me.I still listen to it hell a lot of times. I hate to use the term but I have got to use it when I have to –This one just Rocks. All credits to Rahman.His tryst with synthesizers does the trick in this rocker theme.

10.Yaarodu yaaro(Yogi)
This ’Yogi’ song composed by Yuvan is superb. This is Yuvan’s territory and the chorus humming followed by a Saarangi and Flute interlude is sublime. Then come the occasional trademark Keyboard notes of Yuvan.The song would have jumped a few places up if someone else had sung.Yuvan should reconsider the choice of songs he renders. His rendition here appears dedicated to a fault.

9. Adada vaa(Sarvam)
The song begins with thunderous beats and sails along the same tempo throughout with the juxtaposition of a brilliant flute bit. The Arabic interludes in the middle sync beautifully too. And it is Ilayaraja singing for Yuvan.What more do we want for a rocker?!

8. Rehnuma(Blue)
This song from AR Rahman’s Blue is testimony to the fact that Rahman can compose lilting, soul stirring, haunting melodious music with little or no sophistication. The song that begins literally with shades of jazz music with dispersed drumming and piano suddenly gets haunting with no warning at 0:50 and that is where Rahman scores. It only gets intense from there. The low pitch portions of Shreya Ghoshal add zeal to it. Sonu Nigam’s ‘Rehnuma, Rehnuma’ hum hangs around even after the song ends. A Rahman dish this-delicious at that.

7. Thaai thinra manne(Aayirathil Oruvan)
Aayirathil Oruvan is GV Prakash’s ticket to the big league. The songs and theme bits of this film carry the disturbing effect as seen in the background score of Mel Gibson directed movies. This particular song with the powerful and appreciable lyrics of Vairamuthu is a classic. The fragment that comes before the second stanza shouts the theme ‘Old age Myth’ out loud. Note the low and high pitches to which Vijay meanders in the song.

6.Om Sivoham(Naan Kadavul)
I am at fault for placing this inspiring divine piece of a song at a lowly sixth place. I am placing this one at the bottom of the top cream just for avoiding any bias against other composers. The rudhram chorus is so realistic. Chorus cannot be as good with any other composer as it is with Ilayaraja.The Veenai note followed by the thabela after the rudhram chants are enough to spark the ignition to the sense of even a dull listener. The singer Vijay Prakash needs to be commended for rendering this one with all the passion and vigour that symbolizes the destroyer in Lord Shiva.

5. Kai Veesi(Nandhalala)
Work of a genius. This mesmerizing piece doesn’t just stop with the ear drums. It touches me emotionally. The flute, violin bits are all unparalleled. Men may come and go but HE goes on forever with these inspiring melodies. Vijay Yesudas, one of my favorite singers of this gen, renders this with surprising ease without getting bowled over by the assembly of instruments that reverberate around him. It is a shame that the movie is lying in the cans.

This one probably would have topped my ’Most frequently played’ list in 2009. Unlike the Yaarodu yaaro melody,Yuvan’s voice fits perfectly to this exuberant song and no one could have rendered it better. The guy is a master when it comes to surprising us with enchanting bits in the middle of fast paced songs and this song has its share.

3.Arziyan(Delhi 6)
Sufi composition at its best. Coming from an album widely considered one of Rahman’s very best, this one on the lines of a hindu bhajan is a terrific composition. What with the uncomplicated harmonium and tabela bits in the middle. The ever-present dholak beats carry us to an entirely different zone.

2.Dil gira kahin per dafatan(Delhi 6)
This one sends me to a state of reverie. Ash king’s high pitch rendition works big time with the smooth flow of the guitar loop behind. The entire song is a blissful piece but if I have to choose a portion, I would choose the amalgamation of the Violin orchestration, flute and one more instrument whose name I am not sure of in the middle of the song! I donot understand even a single line in this song but love every bit of it. Music transcends linguistic barriers and this song elucidates that best.

1.Pichai paathiram(Naan Kadavul)
And the No.1 goes to this one from Naan kadavul. A soul-stirring number complemented by hard-hitting philosophical lyrics set to a haunting tune by the master musician. Not many songs would make one cry but this one does. Madhu balakrishna’s faultless rendition adds fervor to the proceedings.

A special thanks to all who have come reading all the way to this line.Hope you liked the list!