Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Terrorise Terrorism

This picture gives a perfect account of the Haplessness of the anti bodies of the modern world’sprime plague-Terrorism. Terrorism is a futile attempt at inducing fear.The world should do anything it can take to wipe off the roots of terrorism.To me, the unacceptable Cannibalism is a much better act than terrorism.For, it atleast helps the cannibal quench his hunger or taste.Terrorism is a directionless piece of cannibalism.What does the terrorist campaign aim at planning and conducting a bloodbath? They do it just to prove their existence.The nations striving for peace should feel responsible and try formulating effective measures to counter the acts of carnage-Even if that means to go by their own path to eradicate them.Human rights would come into picture if the senseless activist groups are to be attacked at no mercy. There is no point talking about Human rights as these rebels are not fit to qualify to be considered human beings with six senses.
The recent attacks at the Maximum city show us the real picture. A homosepian, when he ignores his costly life,can kill lots of homosepians.That is genetic.There are no sentiments attached there.He is no better than a man eating tiger or a lion and we don’t tranquilize and preserve a man eater in a reserve forest! If 10 terrorists can take for granted hundreds of precious lives, their lives can be considered worthless and they can be killed.Infact, it is not killing; it is Justice.
What amuses me is the fact that these repetitive criminals are estimated under the same laws that are thrusted on civilians. They are a different set of people .Not every child is the same.We use different methods to streamline children.Why cannot that sense be injected into the law enforcers. A radical change is a must to see a seachange in the peace making process all over the world.
Heads have started to roll as an aftermath of the Mumbai attacks but that is no more than a publicity stunt.The promises that have been made will, in all probability, go down unnoticed with the grief that engulfs.Something like the PoTA should be brought back.That will atleast lessen the intra country terrorism. A global body must be formed that can trace all the bigwigs who provide the all important financial backing to the major terrorist groups.Most of them would be smugglers and drug dealing tycoons.They must be dealt with severely.Spare these big guns and spoil the World.Donot do it for Humans’ sake.Please.