Monday, April 26, 2010

Two line Reviews - #2

Movie: Cape Fear

The De Niro Scorsese combination.
De Niro just terrorises in all ways possible - Body language, Accent, tatooed toned physique.
The girl who plays the child of Nolte - Brilliant portrayal of a confused teenager.
The Music - Apt for the genre.

Climax could have been better.
A remake,so not all credits can go to the team.

Overall Score - 8.8/10

Two line Reviews - #1

Planning to give small reviews for some of the good movies i ve been watching..

Let me start this with "Before the devil knows you are dead"

Movie: Before the devil knows You are Dead(2007)
Philip Seymour Hoffman's brilliant performance ably supported by the ones who play his father and his brother.
Brilliant camera angles on mono/bi logues
To top it all, the direction of the legendary Sidney Lumet at 84 yrs of age
Too much of voyeurism that makes this otherwise 'for all' film virtually not viewable for children.

Overall Score - 8.6/10