Sunday, November 13, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #301

Movie: Revolver (2005)

Plot: A brilliant conman, after coming out of jail to play tricks on the man who sent him to jail, gets into the web of two ruthless money launderers. How he gets around them to get his target rid of his power is what follows.

  • As is often the case with Guy Ritchie films, the narrative style is a positive; With the main character speaking words of wisdom to himself, we get absorbed to the events happening around him.
  • Jason Statham, although not spectacular, does a fine job. The stammering sniper is the other one to watch out for in this film.
  • The concept of three people spending years alone and getting to know each other inside out with clues is quite bewildering yet acceptable.
  • The quotes and their significance in the film show the prowess of the screenplay writer.

The suspense element (if it was meant to be one) was too predictable.

Not Ritchie's best but an Engaging fare