Sunday, May 22, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #236

Movie: The Verdict (1982)

Plot: A lawyer whose career is on the wane chooses a medical mishap case to resurrect his career and fame thereby taking on the big head doctors who happen to be defended by some of the strong founder members of the hospital. He goes to the extent of refusing a handsome amount offered as a settlement and attempts the case on court!

  • Sidney Lumet has been known for some of the other famous films but this one is no inferior. It's right up there; the calmness so visible in his films is present in this one too.
  • Paul Newman is mighty impressive in his role as the out-of-touch lawyer who desperately seeks justice. His subtle reactions are the highlights of his style of action.
  • The way the defense attorney trains his cadre to a case and such scenes are new and interesting.
A compelling watch of a case on trial/

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