Thursday, May 5, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #226

Movie: High Noon (1952)

Plot: A town Marshall Sheriff is in trouble when a criminal he convicted 5 years back is about to arrive back in town after serving his term. The criminal and three of his underpins want to get the Marshall killed as soon as the criminal sets foot in town. The Marshall asks the town populace to volunteer for the town's cause but no one comes out to - Not even his newly wed bride. Finally the stage gets set for an 1 vs 4 battle.

  • The span of the film's happenings is just about the same as the film's running duration and that makes it special. The screenplay helps the cause by maintaining a tense tempo.
  • The Ballad that gets played and its background music version are terrific compositions.
  • The role of Gary Cooper as the Marshall earns respect; Grace Kelly is all grace and so is the Mexican lady.
  • The dialogues are crisp and there are some very intense scenes - the bar, church room & hotel sequences.
Highly intense & it's a classic!

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