Friday, May 6, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #228

Movie: Amistad (Multiple Languages, 1997)

Plot: Illegally transferred slaves in the boat 'La Amistad' surge to kill their masters but unfortunately land in American shores where they are convicted as legal slaves of Spanish interests. A willful attorney tries the case in favour of the captured slaves - wins it in 2 lower courts but the American-Spanish political games take the case to the highest of courts where the case gets decided.

  • Steven Spielberg always keeps showing his name up to the question of 'Who is the biggest of them all?' & here again proves his mettle by deftly handling an absolutely intense sensitive subject.
  • The roles that walk away with top honours are those of the African Cinque, the relentless attorney played by McConaughey & the ex president Hopkins' cameo!
  • The core team members of Spielberg - cameraman,editor & music director are at their best again with John Williams providing some touching background tracks.
  • There are appreciable scenes aplenty - The differing idealogies of the so-defined 'sophisticated' Americans & 'backward' Africans are expressed with tactful sarcasm in their varied definitions of terms like 'Almost';'Chief' etc.
Another jewel on Spielberg's Crown!

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