Sunday, May 29, 2011

Book Look - #18

THE DAY OF THE JACKAL by Frederick Forsyth

Plot: 6 attempts of an agency within France, adversely against the policies and the rule of the french President, to kill him flop and that's when they hire a professional assassin code-named The Jackal. The meticulous planner leaves no stone unturned in his bid to kill the President and in his way stands a determined French detective who keeps tracing all the marvelous moves of The Jackal. The death of the president, to be or not to be, is what makes the grand finale .

  • The book split into three 'Anatomy' parts is aptly named. The three parts literally dissect and show all that there is to assassinate a big shot.
  • The 1 st part, about the Jackal and his plans to the minute details is riveting to say the least
  • The 2nd part, about the commisaire's tracing of his killer suspect gives an idea of the intelligence that deals with big scale crimes
  • The 3rd part, in comparison with the first two, is a tad low on what it offers but it paves the way for a thrilling finish!

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