Sunday, May 29, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #240

Movie: 21 (2008)

Plot: A brainy MIT graduate fulfils his childhood dream of getting an admission at Harvard Med School but what stands between him and his seat is money (or) a 'lifetime' experience. He is noted by his professor who has his league of students turned card counters and gets trained on Blackjack for a calculated plundering off of casinos. When he gets more money, he gets over ambitious and that's when trouble pops its head out!

  • The film is racy and takes some unpredictable interesting turns at times; Kevin Spacey and his crew of looters do a fine job
  • The angle of the nerdish friends of the hero and their strained times with him are depicted nicely
  • The climactic twist is enjoyably good
The jealous guy in the group, the make-up act - are stereotypes

An 'OK' Timepass ride

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