Saturday, May 7, 2011

Book Look - #16

THE MOSCOW VECTOR by Robert Ludlum & Patrick Larkin

Plot: The Russian President wants to get back the lost USSR empire & for this, he corroborates with a supposedly dead East German Scientist and a Soviet Millionaire in developing a terrible bio-weapon to kill the high ranked military & high profile officers of various nations. USAs 'Covert-one' team aims at identifying the vector of this mysterious killer weapon & end up finding a lot more than that.

  • Robert Ludlum's characters have been conceived superbly & this complete fictional work is as racy as an action film.
  • The parallel tracks that the narration covers are all interesting & the bio-weapon concept is ingenious indeed.
  • The acts of Col. Jon Smith, Fiona, Wulf Renke & Randi are the major highlights in this work of descriptive , powerful & controversial anti-Russian action.

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