Sunday, May 22, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #235

Movie: Mirrors (2008)

Plot: A suspended policeman assumes the role of a night-watchman in a building that underwent a massive fire accident 5 years ago. During his night visits, he finds weird and unbelievable activities in the mirrors in the dilapidated building; Later, he gets to know that the former watchmen were all obsessed with the mirrors there and committed suicide. To save himself and his family, he tries to find answers to the question that the mirrors often ask - "Where is Esseker?"

  • The film's first scene and the creative title card makes one sit up and it is quite an interesting ride, though not astonishing.
  • The hero Sutherland, a Bruce Willis look-alike, delivers a solid performance. The girl who plays his wife shows the frills in the climax.
  • The Esseker part of the suspense was held up which was good.
After 30 mins or so, the events seem held up and not till the vital clue does the film pick up pace.

Watchable, but doesn't offer so much thrills

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