Saturday, May 14, 2011

Book Look - #17

WISH YOU WELL by David Baldacci

Plot: A 12 year old girl and her 7 year old kid brother lose their father in a tragic car accident which also sends their mother to a coma. They move from their buzzling New York city life to a life in mountains with their great granny who lives and farms there literally with no external dependence for their food,power and the likes. The children slowly get acclimatised to that life to such an extent that they, with their wellwishing lawyer, fight against a company that wishes to buy their land for commercial purposes. Between all this are gripping characters filling the kids' experiences in the hinterland.

  • David Baldacci moves away from his conventional suspense themes and comes out with a splendid feel-good work that he attributes to his own family's life in the Virginia country land.
  • The picturesque descriptions of the mountains, the farms and the adventures of the kids with their good old friend 'Diamond' are vivid and would make one want to have such a life!
  • The resilience of granny 'Louisia' and her namesake sister girl and the innocence of Oz, her kid brother are highly adorable.
  • The other prime characters - Lawyer Cotton Longbottom & Eugene - come to the party in the intense climax courtroom sequence.
An unconventional blinder from Baldacci!

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