Thursday, May 5, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #225

Movie: Cool Hand Luke (1967)

Plot: A pretty cool petty thief gets caught for stealing municipal property and gets to serve a term in a penitentiary. With the 'nothing' that he has and a sheer cool attitude, he makes life better for the rest of his inmates and tries escaping from the place time and again only to get caught.

  • This one is a different film in the sense that it tries to show the lighter side of men in jail. To mix fun with emotions is quite difficult and the makers pull that off with ease.
  • Paul Newman as the 'Cool' Luke is brilliant. He's definitely one of the legendary actors Hollywood has produced. 
  • The boxing, tarring, egg-eating sequences are especially delightful.
  • The music is pleasant, the visuals are nice and the dialogues are perfect.
Luke's attempted escapades are unbelievable though.

An extraordinarily ordinary film.

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