Sunday, May 8, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #230

Movie: Glory (1989)

Plot: During the American civil war of the 1860s, a young war captain assumes the role of leading a coloured regiment. The nigger regiment, initally treated shabbily and considered only for manual labour by the other regiment-heads, gets inspired by its honest captain Robert Gould Shaw & ends up leading the attack of an unconquerable enemy fort. The white regiments are made to eat their own words and follow the blacks.

  • The film's cause is highly noble and if it's a true story, the man Robert Shaw was a supreme hero and this one, with its wonderful screenplay, is an apt tribute to the man.
  • Mathew Broderick who plays Robert Shaw is brilliant in his role & Denzel Washington plays his role of the lamenting Nigger to perfection. Morgan Freeman is his usual self.
  • The war action scenes are terrific and highly usurping.
  • The costumes, music and camerawork are illustrative of the efforts that have gone in crafting this work.
'Glory' - So aptly named; A glorious film indeed!

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