Sunday, May 29, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #241

Movie: A Good Year (2006)

Plot: A busily rich London bureaucrat gets back to the French Vineyard where he spent his childhood with his long-forgotten Uncle to take care of the sale of the place due to his Uncle's death. The 'grand' memories of the place pleasantly haunt him and so does a petite French damselle. He rues on the years he ignored writing back to his Uncle and decides that is the place where he needs to be.
  • This Ridley Scott film (a probable inspiration to the thamizh flick Jeyamkondaan) is a piece of poetry; I didn't know what genre it was set in and what I saw surprised me. Memories are always special and so is this film on the same.
  • Russell Crowe plays his role to perfection; He does comedy exceedingly well and acting comes naturally to him.
  • The others in the cast are apt and the old man Uncle with his occasional words of wisdom earns 'respect'
  • The music is brilliant and so is the quiet comedy that flows through the run of the film
An unheralded gem - As good as the priceless vineyard shown in it!

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