Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #264

Movie: The Man Who Wasn't There (2001)

Plot: An introvert, understands the illicit relation of his wife & his boss, uses that to indirectly blackmail & get the money he needs badly for a promising tie-up with an entrepreneur. When things go wrong, the boss dies and a chain of others too. After quite a struggle, he quietly resigns into what's in store for his misdeed.

  • The calmness that shrouds the narration & the subject and its treatment make this film stand unique among the works of the Coen Brothers.
  • Billy Thornton perfectly fits the bill as the chain-smoking, calm demeanoured  Barber Ed. Frances McDormand, the barber brother-in-law, the Sacramento Attorney & the others , in tiny but important roles, do well to keep the interest intact.
  • Crisp Dialogues, unexpected twirls & subtle scenes to explain the ironic situations that crop up in the film as if to say 'lies are considered true & at times vice-versa' are classy stuff.
The Piano girl's role, though it aids in making Ed's Resignation valid, is off-track & there appear to be a few untied loose-ends in the film.

Off-beat for sure! Slightly Off-track too.

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