Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #254

Movie: No Country for Old Men (2007)
Plot: A psychotic masaccre man is on a killing spree in the US-Mexican desert border to get his hands on a huge sum of money involved in a drugs transaction. A desert resident chances upon the bag of money and when he knows about the killer who's chasing it, gets cautious but no amount of caution prevents a meeting with the lunatic killer. A sheriff who hunts for the killer laments on how times have changed, how unsuited older men are to work on wrongdoings of the kind witnessed.

  • The film has an ordinary killer storyline but the treatment is special. Very few characters and they too don't talk much; Still chilling scenes are aplenty.
  • Coen Brothers deserve praise for pulling this one off as an interesting piece with literally no background music.
  • The actor who plays the killer is a maniac! His unique look, gigantic figure & voice are all apt for the character he plays; Tommy Lee Jones as the sheriff and the desert resident come up with nice works too.
  • Dialogues are scintillating in some of the bigger exchanges.
Slow-paced; Still evokes a lot of interest!

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