Friday, June 10, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #250

Movie: Barton Fink (1991)

Plot: A play-writer from Newyork, after receiving praises from all corners for his fine work, is forced to shift base to Los Angeles in search of Hollywood glory. There in a cheap hotel residence, he makes friends with a insurance agent and also finds difficult to make a story for an adamant producer who already has some story in mind. In the midst of all this confusion, a woman he knows is murdered in his hotel room! Finally, he breaks all his shackles and escapes from his dreaded hollywood dream.

  • In one of their early films, Coen brothers shine with this amazing work. The way the film meanders showing the troubles of the director keeps one interested.
  • The action of John Turturro. If he played a pleader's role to perfection in Miller's Crossing, his timid role in this film is done with equal conviction.
  • The insurance agent friend, producer, drunk former writer - all come up with spontaneous performances that help the realism the film carries.
  • The climax, though unrealistic, is one of the film's high points.
A Director-to-be's dreaded tale; Told applaudably!

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