Sunday, June 19, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #258

Movie: Arizona Raising (1987)

Plot: A con man and a police woman marry; When they come to know they can't give birth to a child, they kidnap one of a wealthy man's pentuple kids. This silly act follows more silly acts from the conman and lands them in deep trouble. Finally they save the kid from a maniac searching it for bounty and return it back to its father.

  • Again, an attempt at the silly comedy genre by the Coens. This one isn't as convincing as the ones they have made in the following years but not a bad one for starters.
  • An extremely young Nicolas Cage brings some of his acting skills to the party and is the main showman.
  • The funny lines are enjoyable and the 'man on the bike from hell' helps in providing nonsensical fun.
There are so many wasteful sequences bringing no fun to the proceedings.

Partly funny; Partly Nonsensical; and Partly Boring.

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