Sunday, June 12, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #253

Movie: Aaranya Kaandam (Thamizh,2011)

Plot: A pack of drugs worth 50 lakhs results in a don-heir split, betrayals and confusions. In parallel, the Don's keep and his 'sappa' servant plan to elope with the money that is ready to be interchanged for the drug packet which falls in the hands of a smart kid and his inept father. Who wins what forms the interesting climax.

  • Firstly, the director Thiagarajan Kumararaja deserves appreciation for attempting a genre, which I ve felt is the most difficult of all to attempt in Thamizh given the cultural and regional constraints of India, and coming out with a convincing show - A mix of Tarantino, Coen Brothers, Guy Ritchie styles which has a thin plot with happenings in a short time span, long scenes with lengthy conversations etc.
  • A huge applause for the technical team too & the producer SP Charan for backing this in the days of Nidhi-poly, especially the camera man, for bringing an impeccable 'noir' type film which is a new for thamizh films.
  • The performers who have excelled are the father-son duo, Sampath, Jackie Shroff, Ravikrishna in that order.
  • The interlaced chase sequences, commentary and a twisted climax are other major highlights
  • Yuvan's re-recording, though totally off-target in some scenes, is good in some other sequences.
  • The Ravikrishna-keep scenes stuck out like a sore thumb in an ontherwise gripping narrative.
  • The men-slaughter at Binny mills in the climax; Too much and unwanted.
Gutsy,Crafty & more importantly a CONVINCING Attempt at that; First of its kind for Thamizh films.

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