Sunday, June 19, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #260

Movie: O Brother! Where Art Thou! (2000)

Plot: Three men escape from prison in search of a treasure that one had looted and saved before going to jail. They meet unforeseen circumstances, play their way out with their smart ways, talent in music & finally end up single-handedly changing the tides of the state elections in Missisippi!

  • A film based on a poem couldn't have been made better. The comedy in it is unmistakably good and the Coens prove their mettle.
  • The three jail-breakers are the mainstay of this film and carry off the scenes with elan.
  • George Clooney, the hairnet maniac, leads the pack with a terrific performance aided nicely by Joh Turturro and the other friend.
  • The final scene on the stage is an apt end to this wonderful jolly movie which has its share of nonsensical characters too!
  • The song tracks are a huge plus and most of the songs are superbly penned and tuned.
Unadulterated Fun all the way!

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