Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Book Look - #21

THE DECEIVER by Frederick Forsyth

Plot: Towards the end of the Cold War, a British SIS agent's position looks unwanted for the supposedly different direction the world is about to take. The subordinate of the agent doesn't think so & comes up with 4 stories from the past of the brilliant,maverick agent who was nicknamed 'The deceiver' to show that the man deserves to retire on his own terms.

  • Forsyth comes up with 4 relatively compact stories and neatly ties that up to the prime character in the novel and presents a flashback-mode swansong for his SIS agent.
  • Sam Mcready aka 'The Deceiver' is arguably the best of protagonist characters etched by Forsyth; Usually, he gives that singular importance to antagonists and here's a smart and candid agent whosee deeds, as expressed are superb!
  • The suspenseful portions , some predictable - some not, & the usually descriptive nature of the narration provide ample reasons for another interesting read.
No deceiver this; The title is a pucca misnomer!

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