Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Book Look - #23

THE COBRA by Frederick Forsyth

Plot: No cold war, no espionage this time.With the US President's insistence to curb the deadly cocaine business,agent Paul Devereaux nicknamed The Cobra devises a plan to eradicate the distribution of cocaine by mass-seizing tons of the drug in the sea and on air before it reaches its favoured destinantions - USA & Europe. But the buck doesn't stop there; A wily route is taken to completely rout the cocaine issue.

  • This 2010 work of Forsyth is notably trendy & divulges everything under the sun on the supply chain of the Columbian drug not named Caffeine - Cocaine! It is a good read in that sense.
  • The comeback of Cal Dexter aka The Avenger is the surprise package & it is also strange that the title character doesn't appear much in the book - Probably an experiment and it succeeds partially.
  • The explanation concerning Ships,seas, Aircrafts as usual are classy (remains largely unfathomable to a zero-aero-knowledged person like me)
  • The final swipe act is not unheard of & the twist looked like it was stuffed.
& Thus ends the addictive Forsyth journey,unless he writes another one soon!

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