Friday, June 10, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #252

Movie: And Then There Were None (1945)

Plot: 10 people are invited by a stranger for a vacation on a lone house in an island & when these people, strangers to each other, meet there - a tape is played mentioning each of their acts of crime. The chosen ten are murdered one by one. At murder count 3, when they decide one among them is the murderer, the excitement begins!

  • There were 12 angry men in that classic; here are 10 people afraid of each other.Agatha Christie's murder story has been pictured on screen to perfection with some nice casting and well written dialogues.
  • The suspense element is a huge huge plus, for, it keeps us guessing if there are 10 or 11 (this isn't a spoiler) men in the island.
  • The Indian statuettes and the rhyme add to the suspenseful setup; And whenever two loners suspect each other, the intelligence of the film shows.
  • The incredible final few minutes when the mystery gets uncorked!
A Perplexing murder mystery; A must-watch!

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