Sunday, June 19, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #256

Movie: Blood Simple (1984)

Plot: A wealthy bar owner uses a detective to spy on his wife who seems to have a notorious reputation with men. When he finds ample proof, he tries to use the same detective to take her & her illicit lover boy off the face of the earth. His act boomerangs and hits him back severely.

  • In this debut film, the Coen Brothers impress with their audacious style of making. The story is simple but quiet,slow & lengthy scenes make it work wonderfully.
  • The role of the spying husband, with his cold features is nice; The spy, though a little overboard, is good and with her feared looks , Frances McDormand acts well.
  • The twists are all unpredictable & the final climax is 'The Shining' like.
A gripping murder thriller marking the arrival of the Coens!

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