Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #255

Movie: Rock On! (Hindi,2008)

Plot: Members of an enthusiastic rock band 'Magik' move their way up and when they are on the brink of enjoying stardom,frayed tempers on the recording studio split them and they go their separate ways. After 10 years, the wife of the lead singer, finds her husband's forgotten past and tries to recreate the 'Magik'!

  • The film is sufficiently interesting to watch (despite its beaten-to-death storyline) thanks to a lively, enjoyable presentation.
  • The prime characters have all performed exceptionally well - No exceptions. Arjun Rampal & Farhan Akhtar leading the way with effective underplays & the Killer Drummer is the apt foil.
  • The ladies in the film - the wives of both Arjun & Farhan have been characterised superbly and their roles are pluses.
  • The songs of S-E-L are simple and more interestingly realistic - not some unbelievable,electrifying stuff- making sense as it comes from a small band.
  • Predictable cliches keep ebbing time and again.
  • Why Farhan splits with his girlfriend for the rucus that had nothing to do with their relationship remains a puzzle! 
Realistic, Believable & yes,it Rocks On to an extent too!

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