Sunday, June 26, 2011

Book Look - #22

THE NEGOTIATOR by Frederick Forsyth
Plot: This again involves USA,UK & USSR and nuclear arms but the focus is on the kidnapping of the US President's son & how a negotiator from Spain nearly gets his deal done. The kidnapping fiasco then turns into a political matter of humongous proportions and again the negotiator traces the puzzle's path to solve it clinically.

  • This one betters many of his other works in terms of speed the narrative carries. Could be a super bet for making a film on - racy, interesting stuff all the way.
  • The negotiator Quinn is a superbly written character and his reactions after the volte-face in the middle make him an instant hero.
  • The way the phone tracing, tackling of the officers by the negotiator, his deal with the kidnappers, the root cause for the episode are all narrated in detail make this work one of his best.
Betters many of his works; Another Pulsating Entertainer.

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