Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Book Look - #8

AVENGER by Frederick Forsyth

Plot: An American youth is brutally killed in Bosnia during the Bosnian war. The grandfather of the killed seeks revenge on the absconding big shot killer who seems to have escaped into thin air after the war. It takes the efforts of an ex-vietnam army member dubbed 'The Avenger' to find the whereabouts of the absconding killer (who happens to be part of a huge plan to trap UBL) , nab him & hand him over to the bereaved grandfather.

  • An apt one-word description 'riveting' would befit this work. An excellent express speed narration aided by solid happenings makes this work. The final page twist is astonishing too!
  • The travails of a Vietnam bound army 'Tunnel Rat' is brought out picturesquely in the side flashback story. So are the jungles of South America.
  • There is no love,no relationship portrayed in this one - there has been none in any of his books I ve read thus far - Quite daring not to have page-fillers!! and that makes Forsyth even special.

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