Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Book Look - #6

THE FOURTH PROTOCOL by Frederick Forsyth

Plot: Top members of the Soviet Republic establish internally Plan Aurora - a plan to topple Margaret Thatcher's conservatist government at UK & bring the Leftists to power so as to enable the spread of Communism from USSR into UK. The plan that involves breaching of the fourth protocol of a Nuke deal by setting up a small atomic bomb at Ipswich town by sending an 'illegal' into UK is upset by a smart british service agent,John Preston & some who's who of both UK & USSR.

  • The handling of the narration is exemplary. The interlaced style, with happenings in different places presented back and forth, makes this even more gripping.
  • The attention to detail is Forsyth's forte. Besides reading the novel, one gets to understand the hierarchies in USSR politics, UK Intelligence & SAS, components of a Nuclear Fission reaction, landscapes of South Africa & what not!!
  • The way the couriers' breach the british boundaries to bring in their stuff are interesting to read.
  • Finally, the masterstroke in the climax!

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