Friday, December 17, 2010

Book Look - #7

THE AFGHAN by Frederick Forsyth

Plot: The American & British intelligence agencies get a clue on a suspected-to-be serious Al-Qaeda operation 'Al-Isra' against the west & they collaborate to prepare and devise counter-operation 'Crowbar' and send a former British SAS colonel as a doppleganger of a captured extremist to identify the exact Al-qaeda operation. How he prepares and tackles the challenge fills the rest of the pages.

  • Even though the plot is not exactly new, the way it has been narrated makes for an interesting read.Forsyth takes the reader into the world of the Middle east terrorist hub & the formative years of Taliban.
  • One wonderful aspect of his writings is that he relates his work of fiction with true life characters & to suddenly get introduced to characters such as Osama bin laden catches the reader surprised.
  • This one is also a travelogue taking us through the middle east,UK, the wilderness of the US-Canada border and the vast spread of Indian & Atlantic Oceans.

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