Monday, July 4, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #265

Movie: I am Sam (2001)

Plot: A man who has the mental capacity similar to that of just a 7-year old parents his daughter with showering affection. When the kid's nursing under him is questioned by the law, he tries his best to get her back and fails.His lawyer's efforts make him go for another attempt and this time the sheer honest love triumphs brilliantly!

  • What a film! Emotionally, performance-wise brilliant!! The emotions run high and the points touched upon aren't pressed deliberately, they just flow.. Wonderful handling of a poetic subject by Jessie Nelson.
  • Sean Penn as 'Sam' - The very first few minutes gave me an indication that the guy is going to disturb me and the peak arrives when he screams "I try and try and try and fail"; His consistent mannerisms, voice modulation are all indescribable! Simply stunning.
  • The cute little kid who plays his daughter is a doll! She performs amazingly well & the lawyer,Annie,friends roles are welcome additions.
  • Nice soothing soundtracks & some highly sensitive scenes add to the quality.
A torrent of emotions of 'a special father-daughter' duo,marvelously etched!

Now,to imagine Vikram playing Sam,additional characteristic features of Indian cinema - background music & thamizh dialogues - bringing Nativity, is delightful.. Can't wait for Kenny's version of Sam in Dheivathirumagan!

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