Saturday, March 31, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #375

Movie: 3(Thamizh,2012)

Plot: A school-going guy loves at first sight a girl when he accidentally meets her. His determined persuasions make her reciprocate the love back. After a few years of smooth sailing, the girl's parents are U.S.A. bound. She opens her love to them and then the boy does the same to his parents and after some dilly-dallying, they become a happily married couple. That's when an issue pops up sending shocks to their lives and there is even a death.

What works?
  • The prime plus point is Dhanush's performance in the film. Though his childish histrionics as the school-goer is a photocopy of reactions he's shown in previous films, his work in the latter half of the film is of top quality - Especially the climax act!
  • Shruti Haasan (unlike what I feel-after listening to the laughters in theatre seeing her act- many might think) has indeed given a nice performance in the film. A marked improvement in expressions and a little less improvement in diction from her 7aam Arivu days.Prabhu's is a decent cameo too.
  • Aishwarya Dhanush needs to be recognised for attempting (if this was not just proxy directed by her that is!) something exploratory and sticking to it with very little wavering outside the central theme. The last scene where Dhanush shows the value of life has been captured marvelously.
  • The songs Kannazhagaa,Po nee po, Nee partha by Anirudh and the bell-tong background score in the thrill scenes are proof enough to say this guy can contend with the biggies around.
  • Though deliberate at times, the photography has some decent pluses to be voted for.
  • Thank goodness, Why This Kolaveri has not unnecessarily been butchered on video. It has been handled as well as it could have been, comes at the right time and some smart deals with corporates would have let the makers earn fast buck!
What doesn't?
  • The graphics of images that Dhanush gets to see are absolutely unrelated and pathetic. Any relevant thing could have made sense there.
  • Breaking conventions is good as long as it only involves showing a funeral in the very first scene of a debut film; It is unnecessary to show couple getting married in a pub amidst some DJ blast!
  • Cliches of a dull-housewife (Banupriya), friend(Siva) bore.
  • The reason for what is shown in the second half has literally been untouched causing the viewer to miss something. The car-park stunt was more heroic than it was realistic.
An effort that deserves a pat on the back.