Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #364

Movie: Fa yeung nin wa (or) In the mood for Love (Cantonese,2000)

Plot: Two couples get lodged as neighbours in an apartment complex. The wife of one and the husband of the other have occasional work abroad. With their inconspicuous absence and some evidences in sight, the other two get to know of the affairs between their better-halves. With the curiosity of getting to know how they must have fallen for each other, these two get attracted but not all people are the same!

  • This Wong kar wai effort is terrific in the artistic sense. The subject could have been told in 'n' ways and he chooses the best of styles to show it!
  • The way he establishes their periods of doubt,agony,attraction,confusion etc. with slow-motion and a poetic background score speaks volumes of his creative style.
  • The lady who plays Mrs.Chan steals the show with an immaculate and graceful performance; Mr.Chow's character isn't far behind.
  • The sheer audacity of the director is evident as he doesn't even show the faces of the duo in affair!
A Highly captivating, stylishly made stuff!