Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Book Look - #36

THE FALL by Albert Camus

Plot: A judge-penitent based in Amsterdam meets the reader in the bar and engages with him in a monologue style confession and talks to him about his routine in the sailor-city, his period of flourish as a lawyer in France, his downfall and of a lot of other things that are philosophically sound!
  • The striking feature in this Camus work is the style! That he speaks with the one who reads the book directly and predicts some of the reader's reactions to his words is something astonishing!
  • The way he speaks about slavery being a necessary thing and not something that needs to be eradicated as people say so is wise and makes humans instant hypocrites.
  • There is wry humour thrown all around the book - His stints in jail, his association with a notorious clientele, his description of the Nazis etc. are ample proof for this.
  • He neatly ties his claustrophobia symbolically with things that he means through his work.
Not completely understandable; Yet, a Brilliant piece of work!