Thursday, March 29, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #374

Movie: Adaptation. (2002)

Plot: A screenwriter starts work on a book written by a Newyork Times writer on a horticulturulist. He wants to make a film that is devoid of any cliches that have been shown in films and he is unable to do so. He finally gets the help of his twin brother(who's a commercial screenwriter) to understand a lie in the book has been the reason for why the script lacks magic. The twins go chasing the writer's secret and the chase turns calamitous.

What Works?

  • This Spike Jonze film is one of the most different films adopted from a novel. It is different right from the word go and succeeds in sustaining the interest factor through its course!
  • Nicolas Cage, in his twin role, is terrific! His portrayal of the vulnerable,intelligent,dissatisfied writer Charlie Kaufman is near-perfect and his twin Donald Kaufman uses the ample scope for comedy!
  • Meryl Streep is sidelined to a support-role and her scenes with the unique Laroche sparks interest too!
  • The scene in the swamp where the brothers talk ranks among the best scenes and takes the film to a higher pedestal!
Marvelous idea wonderfully captured!