Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #365

Movie: J Edgar(2011)

The film traces the rise of John Edgar Hoover from being a member in the Department of Justice to becoming the mastermind behind the scientific inclinations of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

  • All films on a personality should, in the end, make the viewer feel good/bad about the man depicted and that is something Clint Eastwood successfully does with his account on Edgar. At 82, how this man directs such marvelous films is beyond me!
  • Leonardo diCaprio is fiery and meticulate as Edgar and in the young and old forms of the man, he shows consistency in body language and voice modulation which is terrific to see; The guy deserved an Oscar nomination for the role but sadly the Academy jury seems to have thought otherwise.
  • Once again, Clint master takes us back to the 1920s and pulls off a convincing show with nice art and camera works.
  • The scenes where he stresses the need for 'science' shows how good a visionary Edgar has been!
An intense and moving biography - Serves the intended purpose!