Thursday, March 1, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #361

Movie: Ji jie hao (or) Assembly (Mandarin, 2007)

Plot: An army troop fights for a lost cause after its batallion retreats failing to alert them. Only the captain survives and after two stints in action, he partially loses eye-sight but nothing stops him from fighting for the recognition of the efforts of the 47 men of his troop who had lost their lives in war.

A war action film that decorates and celebrates the efforts of the men involved is always usurping and this one from Xiaogang Feng, with its classy,touchy narration and rich production values is right up there with the best.
The character Captain Gi is worth a worship and Hanyu Zhang, the man who plays it lives the role to perfection.
There are some extremely touchy scenes with terrific exchanges (the one in the coal mines when he searches for their bodies, the landmine scene, the scene at the cemetery where he bombards Liu for not alerting his men), Fiery!
The apt ending with the bugle getting played sums up the whole film - perfect!

One of the very best war-action films!