Friday, March 16, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #368

Movie: Kazhugu (Thamizh,2012)

Plot: A group of 4 men earn their livelihood by recovering the bodies suicide victims off the valleys in Kodaikanal and one loner in the lot experiences love when the sister of a victim falls for him. When all is about to go well, the witness of the group on a death case involving bodies of policemen earns the wrath of a local goon who comes for their blood.

  • The debutant director Sathya Siva makes a good start with this film that doesn't go overboard on any of the aspects even when such plots offer temptation for the same. Efforts of his technical team too deserve a mention for helping in doing it neatly.
  • Yuvan's songs are the biggest draw for the film and the director gives justice to them by picturising them (The wonderful melodies Paadhagathi & Aathadi in particular) pretty well ( Another reason why he appears to be a good prospect; A director who films his songs well seldom ends up a failure in ktown!).
  • Krishna has understood his options, limitations and has given a good performance saving his best for the last; Offering him good support are Karunaas, heroine Bindhumadhavi & Jayaprakash(who fits perfectly to any role he is given these days)
  • The biggest show-stealer is Thambi Ramiah. His histrionics are absolutely enjoyable - Be it his expressions in humour,dialogue delivery and sentimental scenes - he thoroughly impresses! His effort in Aambalaikum pombalaikum song is a screamer!
  • However, the screenplay is bland, and every second scene is predictable (Perhaps the reason why it doesn't create as big an impact as it wanted to) as the film safely follows tried and tested by Bala.
A neat film that follows the 'Bala template'!