Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #363

Movie:Aravaan (Thamizh,2012)

Plot: Back in 18th century, a loner earns the trust of the leader of a village whose expertise is in looting. During one of their looting expeditions, the leader gets caught and the loner saves him the next day which unravels the mystery about his unspoken past in which he used to play the exact opposite role - That of a village night-guard. Why the reversal in role is what follows in the flashback.

  • Vasanthabalan makes his mark in his 3rd venture and after Angadi Theru, comes up with yet another promising fresh film in Aravaan. The strains that he and the crew must have undertaken is visible in the good output that the film comes up with in terms of location, costumes etc.
  • Aadhi must arguably be the man with the best bod in k-town at the moment! And he shows distinct changes in his post and pre make-over periods (though the post-performance falls a bit on the over-acting side!)
  • Pasupathi plays a good role and the first looting scene is worth a mention.
  • Singer Karthik gets promoted as a music director and has done a pretty good job with the background score; The cinematographer has done well in chase scenes but his love for 'fish-eye' gets too evident!
  • The twist has its share of suspenses but it is something which could have been shown found in the very first scene after the murder; It gets extended only to elongate the film and that is a negative.
  • Roles of Bharath,Anjali and the heroine are better left alone than being spoken about.
  • The graphics in the interval sequence pitiably falls in the 'poorly made' category.
Could have been made better, but a Laudable effort nevertheless!