Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #366

Movie: Chung Hing sam lam (or) Chungking Express (Cantonese,1994)

Plot: There are two cops, they fall in love with two girls after having gotten broken-up with their two former girls. Their periods of uncertainty after getting broken-up is captured and portrayed in this film.

  • That the director Wong kar wai places special importance on stle of making is evident with this film too. It has a lot of unconventional sequences and the way the film's screenplay meanders too is not something one gets to see often.
  • The narratives of both the cops are gripping - The first one's stress on jogging to cut back tears and the second one's monologu with kerchiefs and towels on tears etc. are touchy!
  • The myriad of colours that the film shows is noteworthy and its uber-confident heroines - the white drug peddling lady with coolers and the independent girl who loves loud-music are characters etched quite distinctively.
  • Here again, the bits-and-pieces background score is captivating.
  • On the negative side, the film is a bit too unconventional that a feeling of incompleteness is quite unavoidable.
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