Friday, March 16, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #369

Movie: The Hours (2002)

Plot: Three women at different points of time - the 1920s, the 50s and 2000 - have one thing in common. A doubt, a quest on the triviality that their lives seem to show them; the lack of purpose. One (Virginia Woolf) makes a character out of it, one reads and associates with the character and one acts like the character. They make the only choice available for them and that leaves a regret out of the question.

  • Watching this film makes one get the instant temptation to get one's hands on the book which it has been adapted from. Such a quality product this.
  • That's not taking anything away from director Stephen Daldry as he deftly handles the screenplay written by David Hare supported by some solid editing work!
  • The film boasts of big names such as Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Julian Moore, Ed Harris etc. and everybody come to the party giving power-packed performances including the kid of Julian who's brilliant with his action.
  • Another beauty is that the expressions of Kidman,Streep & Julian are contrasting, yet they seem to tell a common story.
  • A continuous flow of background score throughout the film is something unusual but it works well with this film!
A Thoroughly engaging take on life!