Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #362

Movie: Shaitaan (Hindi,2011)
Plot: A group of carefree drug-abused friends ecstatically get out of control and kill a family in a car accident. The police working on the case finds traces the culprits and negotiates a deal. To cover up, the group enacts a kidnap tale blackmailing the parents of one of its own members and clearly get defeated by the consequences which it hadn't considered while formulating its plan.

  • Considering the fact that it is Bejoy Nambiar's debut film, one has to give it to him for the style and daring approach he has adopted.The film has its share of appreciable sequences.
  • Among the performers, the one who plays the police and the lead of the abused gang do well. The gorgeous Kirti Kulhari & her friend have their roles towards the end which they do well; That of Kalki's is simple and done ok.
  • Music is a plus in this film; Amit Trivedi's tracks carry the mood of the film.

  • The big minus is the way the disintegration of the gang is shown; How they try to escape make them look like retards.
  • Shiv roaming around with just his vests on is another thumbs-down.
  • Another dampener is the influence of her locked-up mother on Kalki.
Pedestrian stuff (Pun intended)!