Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #358

Movie: Margin Call (2011)

Plot: An analyst at an Investment Bank is part of the job-cut exercise. He lends his partial work to his subordinate to complete them. The revelations are shocking that the unit head is summoned, who summons his head and finally the CEO. How they burn the midnight oil to protect themselves from a devastation that is waiting on its wings come the next morning is what the film shows.

  • One of the initial turmoils in the Economic Crisis of 2008 at Lehmann Brothers is brought into detail with considerable style and intrigue. Director & Writer Chandor deserves some praise there.
  • Kevin Spacey in his role underplays the confusion and shock he's been made to get into & Demi Moore is all grace when she's made the scapegoat.
  • The dialogues are well-written making the conversations and the meetings look interesting.
Gets into the intricacies of the colossal IB collapse of '08.