Sunday, February 12, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #352

Movie: War Horse (2011)

Plot: A teenager raises the horse he had admired from its birth; When WWI begins, the family has no option other than to lease the horse out for war. After 4 years of transfers from the Brit to the Germans to the French, the brave stallion's unwavering grit and destiny take it back to its master who had warred just to trace back his horse!

  • Steven Spielberg has it in him to make a massive Indian film! He makes a horse an idol in this film showering heroism and sentimental scenes (which work!) upon it and its master.
  • In combination with the amazing orchestration of John Williams, extremely believable war sets ( cakewalk for Spielberg's team though!) and captivating visuals, he makes this sort of yet another epic.
  • The soldier bonding scene where they free the horse from the barbed wires, unrealistic as it may be, is touchy and symbolic.
  • There are plenty of predictable portions in this drama.
  • The film carries the 'All's happy and all men are good' Vikraman effect
Spielberg has made heroes out of horses this time!