Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #357

Movie: Hakuchi (or) The Idiot (Japanese, 1951)

Plot: A man who gets reprieve when he's at the cusp of capital punishment considers it a reincarnation decides to be as kind as he could be to everyone. His naivety and innocence make him get tagged as 'an idiot'. Only to two ladies does he seem the best. They love and loath him, one of his companions marries one of those ladies. It's complex trouble all the way in a triangular possessive game.

  • This Kurosawa translation of the Dostoevsky novel is as complex a drama as I have seen; It's a cut version I gather and so the magic is not in full-flow.
  • The guy who plays Kameda,the idiot has been aptly chosen for the role; Toshiro Mifune,as the thug, happily plays second-fiddle only to terrorise at the end!
  • The contrast in the two lady characters who adore the idiot - Ayako & Nasu - has been explained brilliantly in the scene where they face each other - Classic scene!
  • Background score, camerawork and editing departments impress making this another high-quality Kurosawa product.
A Complex cob-web of feelings!